Lucky Penny Necklace

The pennies need to be 1981 or before because of the copper content.  The newer pennies will melt in the kiln.  I dome them, sprinkle powdered glass on them, and fire in the kiln.  The back is polished so that you can see Abe Lincoln and the year of the penny.

** Get a birth year, anniversary year, or even just a random year.**

I have most years of pennies. If I do not have your year available, I will email you.

Colors available:  turquoise, green, purple, lite pink, bubble gum pink, orange, red, or black. Each penny comes with a leather cord 16-18″ or 18-20″, black or brown.  After you click on picture to order, please put the color desired in the “notes” section.

Lucky Penny
Lucky Penny